Our Story

Matt and Sara met for the first time over a basket of tortilla chips and bowls of salsa. In fact, the first several months of their acquaintance transpired in the same manner. Introduced by a mutual friend (thanks Ben!) in a casual way, neither of them were--at the time--looking for a relationship. Still, they enjoyed each other's company during lunch, and appreciated each other's humor and dashing good looks. Soon, however, Matt realized that he really would like to have someone there to share his stupid ideas with, someone to laugh at the unquenchably dry sense of humor he'd inherited from his father. So he launched the pursuit--he decided to play baseball.

As a fun, healthy, social summertime event, Sara's friends had started up a weekly baseball game. To inch his way closer to Sara, Matt took Ben up on his longstanding invitation. Of course, just because he was closer didn't mean he could actually get up the courage to ask her out. As a sort-of last ditch effort, the typically anti-social Matt acquiesced (you might say practically invited himself) to a social outing to Huber's Farm to pick pumpkins with Sara and Ben and a boatload of their friends whom Matt still only barely knew. He followed Sara around like a little puppy while trying to make it seem like he wasn't. She wasn't fooled for a minute.

As the night dragged on, pumpkins were carved, music and dance were enjoyed, and finally it was time for Sara to go home, lest her car revert to it's more vegetable-like state. Matt offered to walk her to her car, at which point it had to be painfully obvious to any and all concerned that something was going on. After making chit-chat and small-talk and preventing the poor girl from leaving, he finally mustered up enough courage to actually do what he'd been attempting for the past few weeks. Of course, she was all for it. (otherwise, you'd probably not be reading this, now would you?)

And the rest is history. Well, technically, it's all history and the future is what we're looking forward to and what we're devoting this website to. Nevertheless, Sara and Matt from that point on were nearly inseperable (Alright, what wise guy said "insufferable?" I'll see you after class!), and built up the relationship by loving, learning, and teaching each other; by enjoying their similar interests and sharing the dissimilar ones.

It was in Paris, on the 21st of May--1 year, 6 months, and 23 days later--Matt finally managed to rummage deep enough into his backpack to pull out a small box and inarticulately make a most singular request--"Will you be my wife?"

Sara, having forseen the possibility of this question because he insisted on her wearing a dress and uncomfortable shoes for a trip to the museum and walk through the garden, reacted with appropriate surprise and joy, and managed to say "Yes" before a single tear had struck her cheek... and then again after one had.

The Future
There are so many possibilities. First and foremost, the two will be enjoying everything involved in establishing their new family and setting up their new home. Sara will enjoy not having to kick Matt out of her house at the end of the night, and Matt will equally enjoy her not having to leave him at his. They look forward to not having to spend almost a day each week driving to and from each other's houses... but mainly, they look forward to being able to spend as much time as possible together.

Sara will still be in med school for the next few years, though she'll be done with formal classroom instruction and will be doing her rotations. During this stressful time, Matt will continue to be a pillar of strength, and Sara's main source of support and encouragement. Sara has not yet chosen a particular direction to take or specialty to concentrate on in her medical career, so she will be concentrating on learning and experiencing the different areas as she discovers her path. Matt will help this process in any way he is able.

As for Matt, he has more ideas and possible directions to take than he reasonably knows what to do with. His first concern is supporting the fledgling family in their first few years (until Sara starts earning a paycheck!) by pursuing the career path he has already chosen. He is toying with (and Sara is actively encouraging) the idea of going back to college to finish a degree in something. He intends to continue his pursuit of music through his two bands. He has multiple ideas for starting his own business, but that fork in the path is at least a few years down the road. His ultimate goal is to be a successful professional writer of fiction and poetry, he's hopeful that some of those recovered driving hours can be spent polishing and pursuing that craft as well.

Permeating all those things though, is the desire for happiness and wholeness as a family. To be able to share with and love each other daily for the rest of their lives is the prime joy that will inform and enable the pursuit of anything else they might invision. No longer will their personal challenges be only that, from here on out, they will have a companion and partner to help shoulder any burdens or celebrate any victories.

Matt's Story
Born in Virginia, 1973, and raised in western Kentucky for most of his life, Matt identifies himself with both the country and the city. His three great loves, aside from Sara, obviously, are technology, literature, and music. All his free time is spent driving those pursuits. Professionally, he's currently a web developer working as a contractor for GE, building websites like this one (only much bigger and more "businessy"). He's also looking for freelance work, so if anyone needs some web site developing, and has some money to throw around, don't be shy.

Sara's Story
Born in Louisville, 1978, Sara has always loved the city she calls home. She considers herself a "Master of the Obvious," a trait she claims to share with other graduates from Manual. Her favorite passtimes, aside from spending time with Matt, obviously, are reading, playing piano, spending time with friends, and playing with her nieces... or at least would be, if it weren't that she is a med school student who spends almost all her time studying.