To celebrate the upcoming wedding of

Sara Elizabeth Watson


Matthew Monroe Rasnake

to be performed on

June 11th, 2005

at St. Gabriel the Archangel Church
in Louisville, KY

Our Story
A little bit about us, who we are, and what we're looking forward to for the future.

The Wedding
Detailed information about the wedding ceremony--the people, the place, the time, and background.

The Reception
Detailed information about the wedding reception--the place, the time, the menu, and other important info.

Images and words introducing those whom we've chosen to stand with us during our most important event.

Guests' Info
UPDATE Your Info For out-of-town-guests and others, information about hotel accommodations, maps & directions, nearby eateries, and other local areas of interest.

Latest News
June 27, 2005:   Wow, how great was that? The actual day was an almost complete blur, but it was incredibly fun, exciting, and really special. The ceremony was wonderful, and just as touching and meaningful for us as we hoped it would be.

It was a flurry of chaotic activity leading up to the ceremony, but as soon as the guests were seated and the attendants were walking down the aisle, everything seemed to be calm, clear, and the power of the moment was readily apparent.

Much to our surprise, neither one of us cried (Sara had predicted me choking up during the vows), even when Sara's dad took the stage and played and sang that beautiful rendition of "Tender Hands." The whole ceremony was beautiful and moving, and we couldn't have wished it to be any better than it was.

The reception was very enjoyable in its own right, and it was such a fun time, running around and talking to as many people as we could. We really appreciate everyone who was able to attend, you all really helped to make the day that much more special for us. We tried really hard to get around to talk to, or at least say hello to, everyone we could, and we're sorry if there were people there that we didn't get the chance to speak to. You all made us feel so special and so loved, you really helped us kick off our married lives the right way--surrounded by friends and family.

For those of you who couldn't come (and for those who could, too) we're hoping to get some pictures up online in the next week or so (now that things are settling down at the ol' Rasnake homestead). We've seen a couple good non-digital albums already (Sara's mom had them for us when we got home from the honeymoon!), and we have high-hopes for the stuff we'll be getting from the hard-working this week.

There is at least one digital album online that i'm aware of so far—my good friend Sharon has put up some pics of the ceremony in her online gallery. Thanks Sharon!

Speaking of which, if anyone has pictures (especially in digital format) of the event they'd like to share with us or the world, please email, write, or call us and let us know. If you can and are willing to put them on CD and mail them to us, feel free to do that as well. We like pictures!

June 10, 2005:   Well, the rehearsal went swimmingly and the dinner was fabulous, and the wedding countdown clock has officially begun. The two of us are so excited we can hardly stand it. We can't wait to see everybody at the ceremony and reception tomorrow.

The site hasn't been as updated as i intended, but the wedding and Sara's education have kept our schedules busier than we'd anticipated. Nevertheless, we did manage to update the Wedding page with the ceremony details, so those of you keeping score at home can take part in your own way.

And just a little ahead of time, we'd really like to thank all those who made this day possible for us, all those who are able to join us in this celebration, and all those who couldn't be here but who sent their well-wishes, or who are keeping us in their thoughts as we take this giant step together.

Oh yes, and finally, a little change was made to the "UPDATE Your Info" page, so now you can add a (private, only we'll see it) comment when you add your information, to let us know how you are, or just to wish us happiness!

May 13, 2005:   Sent out an email to all the people Matt has email addresses for, inviting them to the site.

We added the "UPDATE Your Info" page so that all our friends and relatives can make sure we've got their most recent contact info. Go ahead, click it! You know you wanna.

Postcards will go out early next week to guests for whom we don't have email addresses.

May 9, 2005:   Sara and Matthew's wedding website is launched. Some pages are spare as we are waiting for details to be finalized, but everything is--for the most part--in place.

Postcards announcing the launch will be going out to everyone on our guest list within the next week.