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We are very grateful for everyone who will be traveling to Louisville to help us celebrate our wonderful day! We hope you will enjoy yourselves at the ceremony and reception, and we hope that you will take advantage of the many wonderful things our favorite city has to offer.

Directions :: Lodging :: Registries :: Dining :: Attractions

Directions and Maps:

St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church - The Ceremony
5505 Bardstown Rd :: (502) 239-5481 ::

Located in south-east Louisville, in the Fern Creek area, St. Gabriel sits on Bardstown Road--one of Louisville's better known thoroughfares. Driving north up Bardstown Road towards the city center takes you into The Highlands--the heart of the city, and location of some of the more interesting local culture and shops. St. Gabriel was Sara's childhood parish, and where she attended elementary school.

Woodhaven Country Club - The Reception
7200 Woodhaven Rd :: (502) 491-7112 ::

Just north-west of St. Gabriel, and just off of Bardstown Road, Woodhaven is an 18-hole golf course and members-only social club.

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Quality Inn and Suites
3255 Bardstown Rd :: (877) 424-6423 (toll free) :: official website

Courtyard by Marriott
9608 Blairwood Road :: (502) 429-0006 :: official website

Days Inn
9340 Blairwood Road :: (502) 425-8010 :: official website

Drury Inn & Suites
9501 Blairwood Drive :: (502) 326-4170 :: official website

Fairfield Inn by Marriott
9400 Blairwood Road :: (502) 339-1900 :: unofficial website

Hampton Inn East
1902 Embassy Square Blvd :: (502) 491-2577 :: official website

Four Points Hotel & Suites
9802 Bunsen Pkwy :: (502) 499-0000 :: official website

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Bed Bath & Beyond
online registry :: (800) 462-3966 (toll-free)

online registry :: (800) 440-0680

online registry :: (800) 345-5273

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Louisville Dining:

Louisville, and especially its Frankfort Avenue corridor, is renowned for a plethora of great restaurants. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Irish Rover
2319 Frankfort Ave :: (502) 899-3544 :: online review

Matt's favorite restaurant in the whole world, and the traditional location for his birthday dinner. The Fish and Chips are the most consistent favorite, but everything else we've tried there has been just as tasty.

Ramsi's Cafe on the World
1293 Bardstown Rd :: (502) 459-7521 :: online review

This is a great little (well not so little now they've annexed another building) restaurant in the heart of the Highlands, and the dining site of Matthew & Sara's first date. Ramsi's is an "international" restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine, among others.

Lynn's Paradise Cafe
984 Barret Ave :: (502) 583-3447 :: official website

A perennial Louisville favorite, I've always found Lynn's to be a little overpriced, but everybody swears by it. Worth checking out.

Omar's Gyro
969 1/2 Baxter Ave :: (502) 454-4888 :: online review

Another of my old favorite restaurants was Arslan's Kebob, a Bosnian/Greek/Mediterranean joint a block away from one of my old apartments. When Arslan was there, it was awesome, almost more for Arslan's company than for his food. Which is not to say that his food wasn't good... it was just as delectable as Arslan's personality. Unfortunately for Louisville, Arslan decided to move his family somewhere where he could do better for them than a stuffy little Gyro shop. He sold to another Bosnian refugee named Rufad who's still there, as far as i know. The food was still decent, though not quite the same, and everything Arslan had in the personality department was completely missing with Rufad. Anyway, i tell you that story to tell you this... the few times i've managed to make it to Omar's i've always enjoyed it. There's still no replacement for Arslan, but the gyros at Omar's are top-notch.

1573 Bardstown Rd. :: (502) 454-4544 :: official website

A pretty standard pizza place, ZA's had the distinction of being within walking distance of Matt's last two apartments. They make a mean "Aloha" calzone (with pineapple, ham, and BBQ sauce), and they can even make it on whole wheat crust--a thrilling discovery when Sara and I went on the low-carb South Beach diet.

If those aren't enough for you, there are always more to be found.

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Louisville Attractions:

There's lots of great stuff to do in Louisville, here are a few that we'd enjoy more often if Sara weren't studying so much!

Louisville Science Center
727 West Main Street :: (800) 591-2203 ::

Louisville Zoo
1100 Trevilian Way :: (502) 459.2181 ::

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
3000-2800 Crittenden Drive (Gate 2 or 4) :: (800) 727-3267 :: official website

815 West Market Street :: (502) 584-4510 ::

J.B. Speed Art Museum
2035 South Third Street :: (502) 634-2700 ::

Kentucky Derby Museum
704 Central Avenue :: (502) 637-7097 ::

There are more sites with an abundance of additional information about Louisville, like and the Louisville Visitor's Bureau site where you can find even more interesting things with which to fill your time. Plus, at the visitor's bureau site, you can find out about group deals and package rates on hotel reservations and attraction admissions. One thing's for sure--there's no reason to be bored in this city. Except, y'know, after 6pm or on Sunday.

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